Lifestyle Coach & Organizationalist

When people need a professionally trained coach who acts as a motivator, educator and accountability partner to support them, folks call on Nitika Achalam. Nitika and her team are ready to partner with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize personal and professional potential.

Lifestyle Coaching: Whether you are seeking assistance with life skills, work/life balance, personal passions, or enriched relationships Nitika will help facilitate the process of change that enables individuals to realize all the possibilities. You’ve found your advocate in making lasting lifestyle and wellness changes to improve physical and mental well being.

Organizing & Time Management: We’ll sort through inner and outer clutter, access ingenuity to get what you want out of life. I’ll create action plans on how to live, organize and prioritize time in order to help individuals live happier, more satisfying lives.

Wellness Planning: for the health conscious and those requiring interventions, Health Planning is an integrated approach to achieve overall balance. Planning addresses the whole person and creates a strategy for improvement after assessing why a client is unhealthy, what behaviors led to the problem, what daily life obstacles are in the way and how the client can make lasting behavior change.


Bedroom / Bathroom

(Clear clutter + put all items in their forever home.)

Nursery / Playroom

(Create neat + practical diapering, feeding, sleeping + play areas, organize +contain toys, books, art supplies + schoolwork.)

Closets & Wardrobe

(Capsule wardrobe, arrange clothing + accessories by season, category + color, shoes boxed + photographed. Handbags filled with tissue.)


(Clear workspace clutter by creating electronic or paper filing systems + streamlining drawers.)

Kitchen / Pantry

(Organize counter space + assign practical placement for cooking, baking + pantry items.)

Storage (Attics / Basements / Garages)

(Box + label seasonal clothing, sporting gear, holiday, file archives, gardening supplies, hardware + keepsakes.)

Meditation Space

(Source out the ideal location for quiet reflection + create a space embodying your ideals)

Time Management

(Closely evaluate schedule + create process specific to your needs.)


(Supervise packing, safe transport, unpacking + placement of every item in your new home.)

"Nitika provided confidential and non-judgemental support throughout a 1 month bed rest period during my last pregnancy. She covered all contingencies and set a productivity system into place so well that my family barely missed my presence."
- Michelle R. Richmond VA

The Process:

Step 1

We’ll chat about your current situation and the issues that contribute to it. Then we’ll pin down what your ideal outcome looks like and decide where to begin. Let’s set the goal!

Step 2

Together we’ll develop a fabulous strategy for home, work, or life customized to your unique needs. You’ll receive a written action plan outlining moves to make for your ideal outcome to become reality. Choose from taking the strategic plan to implement yourself or our we’ll provide you with the skills and support needed for a balanced, productive & happy existence.

Step 3

It’s time for some action! Remove what is in the way of your progress and put your plan into play.

Step 4

Celebrate! Enjoy order, harmony, and peace of mind. Once our sessions are complete I’ll be accessible for refresher calls, follow up sessions and moral support. I’ll always be on your team!

Let’s Go!

Coaching and Organizing sessions can be scheduled as in person meetings, telephone or virtually according to your timeline and budget. Contact us to set up a complimentary “Get Acquainted Call” or to schedule an appointment.

As stewards for the environment we recycle, reuse, or donate all unwanted items when possible. Donation drop off is included with each in person session.

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